Air Travels Jargons That Are Commonly Confused

Do you often use the terms ‘non-stop’ and ‘direct’ flights interchangeably? Or do you think transit or transfer means the same? Fret not, you are not alone. Most of the travellers get confused about these travel terms as they have a similar meaning; however, this is not true. Read on to know more about commonly confused air travel jargons and have a hassle free experience booking flights from,Toronto to Pune!

Non-Stop Vs Direct Flights

A non-stop flight flies from one airport to another without a single halt. A direct flight also does the same but makes a small stop at an intermediate airport along the way where some passengers may exit and others  board. Since it does not change its flight number, it is considered as a continuous trip. For example, Air Canada flies non-stop from Vancouver to Delhi but also operate direct flights to Delhi with a stop at Toronto. That is why it is very important to check the flight details before booking your flight. When you choose direct flight over a non-stop flight, you can expect an additional time of around 60 minutes.

Transit Vs. Transfer

 In case you return to the same plane after your short halt and go on with your journey, you are in transit. There is only one ticket issued in case of transit.  However, if you change planes or airlines, it is a transfer. You should have enough time to change terminals in case of transfers. When you are flying on a low-cost carrier and transferring to a full –service carrier (FSC), you will need to collect your baggage and then check-in for your next flight, thus require more time.  

Layover Vs Stopover

Most of the people get confused between the terms layover and stopover. However, these terms have different meanings. A layover acts as a halt between the connecting flights that can last from 30min to over 24 hours. However, any stop longer than this is a stop over.

Open Jaw Vs Round Robin Ticket

If you have taken a flight from one destination A to another destination B, and then from destination C back to A, it refers to open jaw. In this case, you need to fly from destination B to C yourself either by taking a flight or any other means of transport. Wherein a round robin ticket is when you take a flight from destination A to B, then B to C and then back from C to A.

Having a clear understanding of these air travel terms will help you to plan your next trip easily. To book flights from Toronto to Pune seamlessly, get in touch with Superfares.

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