American Airline passport scanning through a mobile app

American Airlines has launched one-of-a-kind feature of passport scanning through a mobile app. With this act, the American Airline has become the first airline to introduce passport chip scanning that is intended to make the process of checking in for international flights simpler and faster.  This new technology safely transmits passenger’s key passport information directly from the Near Field Communication (NFC) chip embedded in the passport, allowing the customers to skip the time-consuming process of getting their passports rechecked manually by the customer service agents. “Mobile passport-scanning removes a time-consuming step, providing our customers with smoother check-in experience for international flights,” said Maya Leibman, American’s Chief Information Officer. He also said that “We are continuously adding features to our app to make travel easier and worry-free for our customers.”

This new app technology prompts the customers to enter their passport information and then scan their passport with their Android or iOS device. Passengers can easily find clear instructions on “how to complete the process” in this app.

passport scanning through a mobile app

American Airlines is constantly trying hard to make new upgrades such as boarding notifications, Siri shortcuts and a dark-mode option to make travel easier for the customers.  American Airlines have also introduced many additional services such as biometric international boarding, online virtual 3D aircraft tours and an enhanced family seating process which makes sure that the adults and children below 14 years of age can be seated together if they are travelling under the same reservation.  The airline has also redesigned the self-service kiosk menu.

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