Already booked your flight from Toronto to Kolkata but worried about the baggage rules and policies? Read on this guide to know about the baggage basics and make your in-flight experience hassle-free!


Most of the people are confused about what to pack in a carry-on and checked luggage. You should avoid packing valuables such as cash, jewellery in your checked luggage. Critical items such as medicine, keys, passport, tour vouchers, and business papers should be kept in the carry-on instead of checked luggage.  You should pack fragile items such as camera, eye-glasses, and glass containers by carefully wrapping them in padding.

Carry-on Baggage

Make sure you check with the airline for your carry-on baggage limits such as size, weight and number of bags which can be carried. Since every airplane has a different baggage limit, always enquire about your flight.  Never pack anything that can be considered as a weapon such as scissors, knife etc.

Check-in Tips:

Avoid checking in at last minute. Also, it is very important to get a claim check done for every bag to avoid any hassles during the trip.  Keep the tags safe and don’t throw them away until you get your bags. You will not only need them to claim your bag but also for security purposes. Always remember to remove the tags of previous trips in order to avoid any kind of confusion. Also, check if the tags have the three-letter code of the destination airport.

Claiming Your Bags

In case you receive an open, visibly damaged or unlocked bag, always check if any of the contents are missing or damaged.  In case you face any problem, report it to your airline before leaving the airport.

These tips can help you to deal with baggage problems efficiently. To have a seamless journey, book flights from Toronto to Kolkata with Superfares. With us, you can rest assured of having a comfortable flying experience.

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