Best Ways to Book Cheap Flights From Canada to India

With the change in flight prices every now and then, it often becomes difficult to book cheap flights to India from Calgary. However, being aware of certain tips and tricks can help you cut down on your airfare expenses to a large extent. Read on these tips and make your way to cheap flights from Canada to India.

Research Thoroughly

These days, a number of portals are available which allows you to easily compare various flight options. Through these portals, you can get the best flight deal according to your preferences. You can even seek the help of travel agents in booking the most convenient flight at the lowest prices.

Take Travel Time Into Consideration

Travelling at odd hours especially departures that are made after midnight or arrivals around 2 am, can help to save your hard-earned money as most of the people do not travel during such inconvenient time.  Also, flying mid-week is more economical than on weekends. 

Dates of Flying

Most of the people move back and forth to India from October to March as this is the peak time for the travellers. Avoid travelling during this time if you want to book your flight tickets at slashed prices.

Book in Advance

It is advisable to book your flight tickets well in advance at least 2 months before your trip. In this way, you can save big on air tickets.  

Enjoy Air Miles

If you are a frequent flyer, you can redeem your air miles. This will not only reduce your airfares but also help you in getting upgrades later on.

Consider Number of Layovers and Transit Times

While flying from Canada to India, you are likely to have 1 or 2 layovers between the departure and the arrival with 2 to 11 hours of transit time. The airfares are likely to be less when the layovers are more. So, you can choose your flight accordingly.

Check Luggage Policy

Make sure you check the luggage policy of various airlines to get a fair idea of the luggage charges. Choose airlines that have minimum charges for luggage.

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