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With over 81,000 cases of Coronavirus in China, the illness is taking a heavy toll on several lives. There are various other countries that are being affected by this illness. However, if you are planning to take a flight from Canada to India during this time, there is absolutely no need to stress out as the number of Coronavirus cases are negligible here, making it a safe country to travel to. Moreover, Canadian and Indian Airports are taking strict measures to ensure safety at airports, thereby minimizing the risk of being infected with this deadly disease.

Look what experts have to say about Coronavirus in India!

Director of National Chest Centre, Dr Bharat Gopal said, “As of now, we have hardly any serious cases. Most of the patients have been detected and quarantined. So as of now, it is safe to come to India but with precautions.”

No matter the risk of Coronavirus has reduced now, it is still advisable to follow these tips to ensure safety during your flight from Canada to India.

Opt for a Window Seat

It is said that sitting within one or two rows near an infected person increases the probability of getting an infection. That is why it is recommended to choose a window seat as compared to the aisle seat as it will help you to avoid contact with the fellow passengers, thereby reducing the chances of getting an infection. 

Use Wipes to Clean your Tray Table

The likelihood of getting tray table, armrest, and the seat thoroughly cleaned before boarding is very less. So, bring along your own alcohol wipes, and spray to keep the space clean and dirt-free. 

Don’t Use In-flight blankets

It is advisable to carry your own products such as pillows and blankets in your flight as the products given by the airlines may be filthier and dirty. You can even bring an extra jacket or a pullover if you cannot survive the cold.

Carry a hand-sanitiser

To avoid the risk of having an infection, you should wash your hands with a sanitiser after using the lavatory. The sanitiser should also be used after touching the tray table, entertainment screens or the door as it can keep the germs at bay and reduce your chances of infection.

Some airlines are even offering various discounts on international flight bookings, thereby letting you save your hard-earned money. Since it is safe to travel to India during this time, you can easily book your flight and that too at slashed prices.

Follow these tips and have a safe and happy journey during your Canada to India flight. For more such tips, stay tuned!

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