COVID-19 Travel Guide

Travelling is something that fills every heart with elation and excitement. Most of the travellers start planning and preparing for their trip beforehand to make their travel experience memorable. However, the outbreak of COVID-19 has caused a major setback for the travellers, affecting their travel plans significantly. It has hit hard the travel industry, leaving people in distressing mode. The local governments and authorities have advised people to stay in their homes and avoid unnecessary travel. 

But there are people who have solid reasons for travelling; be it an emergency at home or office. For such travellers, various guidelines and protocols have been issued which need to be followed while travelling:

Getting tested

The foremost thing to do is to test yourself and make sure you aren’t the carrier of this condition. Anyone who shows even mild symptoms related to this illness are not allowed travelling. In case, you are awaiting results of your report, again you are not eligible for travelling. Anyone who has recovered recently doesn’t fall into the category of eligible travellers as well.

Know about the country you are going to visit

Since the pandemic has spread to a plethora of countries worldwide, it is indeed important to know about the country you are heading towards. You need to have a clear idea about the state and local travel restrictions being imposed in the place you are travelling to. And once you reach your destination, you need to go under a quarantine period of 14 days to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones. Stay updated and adhere to the safety guidelines mentioned.

Medical history 

If you have any underlying medical condition, the chances of you getting infected are high. Whether you have any chronic illness such as diabetes, hypertension, or any respiratory illness, it is advisable to avoid travelling in such cases. 

Keep your essentials 

Maintaining exceptional personal hygiene is important during this time. For this, you need to make sure you carry your gloves, alcohol wipes, hand sanitizer, and a face mask while travelling. Being extra careful during this time is the key to prevent yourself from COVID-19.  While coughing or sneezing, make sure you cover your face with your sleeves. You can even keep a bunch of toothpicks handy so that you can press the elevator or ATM buttons with the help of these toothpicks, without touching the buttons directly. You can keep your documents in polythene while getting them verified during security checks at the airport.

Maintain distance and avoid crowds

Taking adequate precautions is the only way to stay away from the infection. Thus, make sure that you maintain adequate distance from your fellow passengers (at least six feet) during your travel. Also, avoid travelling to crowded areas as the risk is higher in such cases.

Avoid touching your face repeatedly

Until and unless you clean your hands thoroughly, do not touch your face, especially when you are travelling. This is because it has been said that novel Coronavirus sticks to the surface for hours if touched by an infected person. Thus, the virus can easily spread with direct contact through the nose and mouth.

Provide your travel history

It has been found that the most common way of contracting the disease is by travelling and coming in contact with a number of people. Thus, you need to provide your travel history at the airport before you board your flight.

If you have to undertake necessary travelling during this time, follow the above-mentioned tips and do not violate any safety guidelines. So, be cautious and stay safe!

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