Edmonton International Airport Set to Become the World’s First Drone Delivery Site

Drone Delivery Canada (DDC) is all geared up to set up the world’s first airport drone delivery hub at the Edmonton International Airport. It has signed the agreement with the Edmonton Regional Airports Authority to make Edmonton International Airport the first airport in Canada to become a drone delivery hub. The initial term of the agreement is for 5 years; however, it can be extended if required.

Wondering why this step is taken? The main idea behind it is to drastically modernize cargo logistics and supply chain solutions in order to improve the efficiency of the airport operations. DDC president and chief executive Michael Zahra said: “With ERAA, we will develop a drone logistics network centred at this world-class airport as a hub for numerous drone routes for our customers”. The drones can also be used to improve safety during airplane landings at night. They can also be used to deter birds from flight paths. Another important advantage is that all the deliveries will be made through more technically advanced methods, thereby reducing time and effort. Be it postal mail or medical supplies, all the deliveries will be made easily through couriers, freight forwarders or other logistics companies with the help of drones.  

Why Edmonton Airport?
Edmonton Airport has been chosen because it has successfully built a solid reputation as one of the most tech-savvy airports in Canada. One of the largest airports in Canada, Edmonton International Airport provides non-stop flights to a number of destinations. With more than 60 shops and restaurants, colourful art displays, live music, you can easily spend a long layover at this airport.  You can even access the free Wifi or make use of the airport lounges for a comfortable experience.

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