Fun Things to Do at an Extended Layover

Does the idea of waiting at the airport make you feel bored? Fret not, you are not alone! Normally airports are not the coolest places to have fun especially when there is an extended layover or a delay. But they needn’t always be the place to watch the paint drying. We’ve created a list of super fun things to do at the extended layover for your flight from Edmonton to Hyderabad, India that will keep you entertained!

Eat Like a King

Love for food?  Go on, ditch your diet plan because you are on a vacation!

Hum your Favourite Song

Dive deep into your ocean of thoughts and feel the magic in the air by listening to your favourite song.

Relax like a queen/king

Unwind and rejuvenate yourself by taking a spa or by relaxing at the lounge. 

Update your social media

Because if you don’t post a picture on your social media, are you actually at the airport?

Browse through the bookshelves

Find your lost happiness in the dreamy world of books!

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