How You Need To Tackle Flight Delays

Flight delays have the tendency of driving the calmest people crazy, especially if it is a long one like Vancouver to Kolkata flight. And why not! They can foresee their plans getting crumbled under the tyrannous weight of frustration and annoyance.

However, you can be the one making the most out of flight delays, so much so you’ll crave for one, once you read the blog. Not kidding!

C’mon, get going! Get reading.

  • There’s Nothing Netflix Can’t Fix

(And well, other such streaming apps!)

Catch up on the series you’ve wanted to watch for like forever. Okay, take this test. Have you watched the following series that take pride in these famous dialogues? “Always!”, “You know nothing, Jon Snow!”, “How you doin’?”, “I don’t have dreams, I have goals!” No? NO? You are missing out on something huge, my friend! A delayed flight is thus your chance to cover up for it.

  • Find A Bookstore

(That’s exactly where you’ll find your lost happiness!)

We understand flight delays can make you sad. You wished to reach your destination at the earliest, perhaps to snuggle under the sheets or have the sweetest dishes that only Kolkata can offer, but your flight from Canada has been delayed. Fret not! Find a bookstore and the right book will take you to whatever world you want to be a part of. Want food? Pick a cookery book. Want magic? Find a fantasy novel. Want to have a deeper insight into why airports have costlier food items? Pick a book on facts or, um, you go through OUR BLOG section as well. See, it’s that simple!

  • Spoil Yourself

(It’s better than spoiling your mood, anyway!)

Give yourself a treat by going to a restaurant and hogging on something you won’t otherwise! Considering the sky-rocketing food prices at airports, this might not appear to be a great idea but don’t we all want to tick off that particular thing from our bucket-list that says, “Try Something New”? Well, life gives us umpteen chances to fulfill our desires; we just tend to spoil it with our grumpy mood! The next time your flight is a little late, put up a big smile on your face and bigger chunks of food in your tummy.

  • Answer Your Inner Callings

(You haven’t been taking the calls lately!)

Give a thought to the thing that you really (REALLY) want to do but are scared to even think about! This inner calling that you keep pushing back, considering you’ll take the call when you are free, never materializes. But now, with your delayed flight, it can. IT MUST.

Too much drama in here, already? Well, well, you can align the drama girl in you and click a few selfies if you want to. Actually, do whatever; just don’t sulk over this fact because it’s a blessing in disguise.

If none of this sounds good enough to you, apply for a refund. How? Wait, for our next blog wherein we’ll discuss the details!

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