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Amidst the constant tug of war between who has cheaper tickets – Travel Agencies or Airlines, travel agencies have the history of almost always being a winner, especially while booking flights from Canada to India.

Having difficulty digesting the fact? Let Superfares help you give a sneak peek into the workings of an agency and how they are able to provide cheaper air tickets.

  • Exclusive Tie-Ups With Airlines

Travel Agencies have exclusive contracts with airlines that give them discounts on bulk bookings. The higher the numbers of tickets that are bought by the agency, the merrier are the discounts that it gets! After keeping a decent margin, agencies sell these tickets at a price that is much cheaper than the ones sold by airlines.

  • Last-Minute Flight Deals

Now that you know the scenario, at times, travel agencies aren’t able to sell all the tickets that they buy in bulk from the airlines. Depending on the strategy, the agency might bring the airfares extremely down (in order to earn at least something out of it) or soar it sky-high. Generally, the prices are brought down and this is where you can end up getting a killer deal!

  • Combining Flights From Multiple Airlines
Multiple Airlines travel agents

Travel Agencies often get hold of interline tickets that aren’t sold by the airlines on their websites either due to airline rivalries or pacts signed b/w different airlines. That’s where an agency plays its master card and combines flights from multiple airlines which are always cheaper.

  • Experience

The experienced travel agents in an agency have the knowledge and the skill to alter the routes. They keep trying all the permutations and combinations of booking flights in a slightly different order or way and that is exactly what reduces the fare drastically. Experience speaks volumes but here, in the travel industry, it smiles a killer smile!

  • Fee Waiver

Some airlines charge for most, if not all, seat assignments on discounted airfares. If they have strong bonds, travel agencies can get those charges waived, leading to higher savings.

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This is exactly how Superfares, a leading travel agency, provides the cheapest flights from Canada to India. If exploring India is on the cards, we’ll recommend you to book through an agency and guess what; we are one of the few you can consider.

Our low-airfare policy hasn’t disappointed anyone and we assure you to shake you up with our low airfares. If you are somebody who needs to meet the agent in person before finalizing things, we have an office in Edmonton where you can pay us a visit.

Good luck getting your tickets to Amritsar from Canada booked!

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