how to avoid jet lag on long international flights

Whether you are heading off on a break or a business meeting to India, reaching the destination without feeling like you’ve been up all night is all you want. So, before you head towards your long-haul flight to Ahmedabad from Toronto, be aware of the tips to avoid jet lag.

What is a Jet Lag?

Basically, a jet lag is a condition which is caused due to disturbance in sleep patterns due to difference in time zones.  The disruption in sleep patterns makes you feel tired mentally and physically. Indigestion, bowel problems, loss of appetite, memory and concentration issues are some of the effects of jet lag that are often experienced by the people.

How to Deal With Jetlag?

Take a look at some of the tips that can help to beat jet lag:

Caffeinated Products are a Big no-no

You might be tempted to take caffeinated products or alcohol, but remember that they can add to your travel troubles.  Alcohol can level up your tiredness and lead to dehydration, while caffeinated drinks can affect your ability to sleep and increase the jet-lag recovery period.

Stay Hydrated

Saying no to water while flying in a long-haul flight is a sin! It is very important to drink plenty of water when you are flying. This will not only make you feel fresh but also help you deal with jetlag. You’ll have a happy and seamless journey.

Consider Eating Healthy

What we intake has a huge impact on our mind and body! That is why it is very important to eat healthy during your flight.  Make sure you eat something light that can be digested easily to reduce the effect of jet lag. Intake of fast food can upset your stomach and can put a bad impact on your health. This can increase the effect of jet lag.

Make Use of The Flight Time to Sleep

Try to utilize your flight time for sleeping as it can help to reduce the chances of jet lag.  If you are not able to sleep properly you can use an eye mask and a neck pillow.  This will definitely help you to sleep in a better way.

Keep Moving

Research reveals that sitting for prolonged hours in a long-haul flight especially from Toronto to Ahmedabad, may lead to blood clots. To reduce the risk of developing a life-threatening clot, you need to keep your body moving.  You can even perform exercises to keep the blood flowing. This will also help to reduce stiffness and sore muscles. Thus, exercising can be quite helpful in jet lag recovery.  

Keep these things in mind and head towards a happy air journey from Canada to India! Happy Travel!

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