How to find lost luggage at the airport

Imagine you have just landed at the airport, all geared up for your vacation. But you are standing at the baggage carousel waiting for your bags. Suddenly something strange happens! When the conveyor belt stops, you find out that your baggage is nowhere to be seen. Your luggage is lost!

What to do when your luggage is lost at the airport?

Go to the Baggage Claim Office

The foremost thing to do is to stay calm and visit the baggage claim office. File the report of your lost luggage as soon as possible to inform the airlines about the same so that can they can start locating it at the earliest. This practice can even help you to get reimbursement for your lost items.  Do not forget to keep a copy of the report with yourself.

Follow up with the Airline

You should not wait for the airline to call you for any updates. Be proactive and make follow-up calls to know the status of your lost luggage.  You should also ask for the reimbursement of the checked luggage fee as you paid the money to make sure your bag arrives securely, but the airline couldn’t hold its responsibility for the same. If you made the payment through a credit card, try contacting your credit company for the compensation.  

Keep a Picture Clicked

If you have a picture of your lost bag, it can become quite easy for you to trace it. You just need to show the picture at the baggage claim office. This will help them to find out your bag in less time.

Don’t Lose Your Baggage Claim Tickets

It is very important to keep your baggage claim tickets safe as they can help you to trace your luggage. All you need to do is to show these baggage claim tickets to the claim office and they will do the needful!

Dealing with lost luggage is not easy. Hope you never get stuck in this situation. But even if you do, we at Superfares, can help you tackle it. With the help of these tricks and tips, you can easily find your lost luggage.

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