Carrying your furry friend along with you in an international flight from Canada to India is a dream for many pet owners. However, if you choose the wrong airline, the experience can turn out into a nightmare. That is why it is very important to choose pet-friendly airlines so that your pets reach the destination safe and sound without any hassles. To help you out with the same, we present the list of best airlines to travel with pets. 

Air Canada

Air Canada is extremely accommodating to pets. However, it permits only cats and dogs in the cabin and baggage compartment.  The other variety of pets is allowed to travel through cargo. The maximum weight permitted is 22 pounds including carrier.

Lufthansa Airlines

If you are looking to take your beloved along with you from Canada to India, Lufthansa airline is the best option.  Any dog over four months old is allowed to travel at the cost-effective prices. Up to two animals are allowed to each passenger. However, larger breeds are more expensive. The airline even provides ample space for kennels.

Delta Airlines

You can go a long way with your pets when you are flying with Delta Airlines.  It allows small pets including cats and dogs that can easily ride with the passengers in the cabin. Larger dogs can be carried in cargo to ensure their safety and comfort.

American Airlines

It is one of the most pet-friendly airlines that provide top-notch experience for the pets and their owners.  The airline has created a special cuddle class to provide a special compartment to the pets next to their owner’s seat.  

Jetblue Airlines

JetBlue Airlines is a good option if you are flying with pets as it charges an affordable fee per flight. It allows you to buy a speciality pet carrier specifically for your furry friend. Along with this, the airline provides 300 additional points to the pet owners.

So if you are eagerly waiting to take your pets along from Edmonton(Canada) to Delhi(India), consider these airlines. To book cheap flights, look no further than Superfares. Our travel experts will understand your requirements and help you choose the best pet-friendly airline.

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