Airport Food Being Super Expensive in Canada airports

As if flying from Canada to India isn’t tough on budgets already that we have sky-rocketing prices of airport food to deal with! Just as we enter the airport, we get surrounded by inflated prices that we can’t bargain with. Hunger can, therefore, burn a hole in your pocket, pricking the balloon of budget you’d have so sincerely devoted your time to.


If you think it’s because you’re stuck at the airport and the officials are taking advantage of it, you are partly right about the workings of the management. They know that you are pushed for time and therefore trapped. However, that’s not the whole story. Let’s dig a bit more deep and extract what exactly makes the food in airports come with a steep markup.

  1. Demand & Supply Imbalance

Because passengers don’t get to carry water bottles beyond a certain point and also food because of baggage issues, the demand for food and beverages is high. But airports have limited resources which creates an imbalance between the demand and supply system. And as it is, when demand supersedes the supply, prices are bound to increase.

2. Expensive Retail Outlets

Expensive Retail Outlets

Retail outlets in airports have to pay hefty sums of money to the airport authorities. Because everybody is profit-driven, the outlet owners are forced to levy heavy taxes on the food items in order to earn something out of the whole affair.

3. Monopoly


It is pretty difficult to enter the airport business. Most people would opt out of the hassles involved in being a retail owner at an airport. The ones who have set up their businesses have no competitors and thus, maintain their monopoly.

4. Transfer Inconvenience

Transfer Inconvenience

The cost that goes into getting food to the counter, packing it in small containers, and delivering it from the airport warehouses to the retail shops is huge. This is what leads to steep price inflation!

Not a very good idea, but we’d recommend you to have something heavy before the journey or carry munchies of your own if you want to keep the travel costs minimal.

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