Layover Vs Stopover

Nothing can be worse than realizing that your visa is not correct or your luggage is over the limit while heading towards an international flight to Bengaluru. If it’s your first time you are flying internationally, then it is imperative for you to be well-prepared beforehand. Read this blog and get to know the tips that can help you to plan your international trip in a better way:

Check Your Passport

This is the foremost thing to consider while heading towards an international trip. Check all the relevant information especially the validity of the passport before leaving your country. The validity of six months is required in most countries.

Take-Along Photocopies

Make sure you scan all the official documents such as passport, visa, and all other important travel documents and keep one copy at home.  This practice can be quite beneficial in case you lose any of them by chance on the trip as you’ll have your proof of identity.

Check Your Airline’s Baggage Requirements

 It is very important to have a clear understanding of your baggage policy and general rules so that you can pack your bag as light as possible. Avoid carrying liquids or firearms in your plane.

Plan Ahead

If you are a first-time traveller, you won’t be aware of the full process from check-in to gate arrival.  That is why it is important to reach the airport at least 2 hours early from your flight departure time.  This will help you to have a stress-free flying experience.

Foreign Exchange

The best source of the transaction is cash as it is accepted everywhere. Make sure you covert your cash into the currency of the destination country so that you do not face any problem later. Do not forget to keep toiletries.

Seat Plays a Vital Role

It is advisable to choose an aisle seat in a long-haul flight so that you can easily get up and stretch your muscles. This will help you to avoid blood clots in your legs.

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