Check-In Last

When flights from Canada to India land, the first thing Indian passengers want to do is hug their family members. Even otherwise, the excitement is such that it often gets difficult to handle. It becomes all the more laborious when one has to wait for the baggage to make its way down the chute and onto the conveyor belt.

To get your luggage first at the baggage claim, follow the following five tips and be done with the airport baggage delays in the blink of an eye!

Mark The Luggage As Fragile

At the check-in counter, ask the representative to attach a ‘Fragile’ sticker to your bag. Bags that are labeled as fragile are loaded at a later stage and consequently, come out first. They will also be handled with double care. A total win-win situation!

Check-In Last

The person who checks in last has his bags loaded last onto the plane. The last bag loaded in the plane is thus the first to be unloaded. While different airlines follow different baggage policies, this trick is almost always a success.

Gate-Check The Bag

Gate checking is a process wherein the passengers are allowed to check-in their bags directly at the gate. When you do that, your bag will be the last to be loaded as all the checked-in bags would have already made their way to the cargo. And as it is, your last bag will be the first to be unloaded. Yay! However, you’ll have to pack it the way you pack carry-on baggage as it will have to pass the security first.

Book First/Business Class

First and business class passengers enjoy premium baggage facilities which include unloading their luggage onto the conveyor belt first. Slightly on the costlier end, this trick can help you pass through the baggage claim section in the fraction of a second.

Join Frequent Flyer Club

Joining an airline’s frequent flyer club is a sure-shot way by which you can get your luggage faster. All you have to do is make sure your frequent flyer number is on your luggage tag and is properly visible. This warns the representatives handling baggage to not maltreat your luggage.

While the first three tips might/might not work because of varying policies, the last two are assured ways to get your luggage at the baggage counter first.

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