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Whether your little ones are 2 or 12, flying with kids can be a harrowing experience for the parents! However, there are certain airlines that understand the need for comfort and friendliness when travelling with the kids in a long-haul flight especially from Toronto to Chennai. Being aware of these airlines can save you from the ugly stares given by the flight attendants when your kid acts mischievously! 

Flying with kids will no more be a nightmare if you choose these airlines:

Air Canada

If you are planning to travel with your kids from Canada to India, Air Canada is the best airline. Air Canada provides family pre-boarding and permits gate-check strollers and car safety gratis. These airlines will also waive the charges for pre-booking seats if you are travelling with the kids under 12. Thus, each kid can be seated with at least one adult, thereby allowing him/her to be travelling for free on your lap. However, for a long haul flight, this may not be a comfortable option. To combat this issue, you can get in touch with Air Canada Reservations and request for a bassinet which can easily be attached to the bulkhead seat. With Air Canada, you can rest assured of having a hassle-free flying experience even with kids!


Rated as the best airline in the world by Skytrax, Emirates provides various amenities and facilities for the little passengers. To keep the kids occupied, these airlines provide free travel-themed packs with drawing materials, puzzles and games. For a merrier experience, they even provide stuff toys to play with. The airline strives to provide the best in-flight experience for the kids by offering them interactive games with a myriad of classic and new movies and audio stories.    


This airline is known to provide delectable food such as tortoise muffins, chipolata mummies and a lot more. It provides a special menu specially crafted for kids to make their experience memorable.  Your kid can even participate in a number of onboard activities such as playing with toys, puzzles, games and crafts when flying with Lufthansa.

Eva Air

 If your kid is a diehard fan of “Hello Kitty”, don’t miss flying through Eva Air. The planes are filled with vibrant cartoon characters theme. The airline offers Hello Kitty in-flight pillows with feline-shaped food. The flight attendants are dressed in beautiful pink aprons adorned with adorable kitties. Your kids will definitely have a delightful in-flight experience when flying with Eva Air.


As we all know, food is something every kid is fond of! From juice to crackers, nut-free choco-chip cookies, JetBlue airline offers unlimited free nibbles and drinks on board. You can even find a TV at every seat with kid-friendly programming channels such as Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and Animal Planet.

If you are planning to book a flight from Toronto to Chennai with your kids, get in touch with Superfares. We will help you choose the best kid-friendly airline to make your flying experience hassle-free.

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