Safest Travel Destinations - New Zealand

Finally, a glimpse of hope among the dark clouds of the pandemic! No matter the pandemic has turned the entire world upside down, it has still managed to spare a few countries. And knowing about these countries is a must if you are thinking of having a safe vacay in the future!

Let’s take a look at some of the safest travel destinations in the world:

New Zealand

New Zealand is a safe travel destination as it became one of the first countries to become COVID free. The country enforced a strict lockdown for around seven weeks which eventually proved to be fruitful for the country. 

North Korea

As soon as the first cases sprang up in the world, North Korea closed its borders.  Since this country is a neighbour of China, it was at a higher risk. That is why the country decided to close its borders since January 21. Until now, the borders have not been reopened. Strict measures are being taken for all visitors entering the country, including 2-month quarantine.


Turkmenistan is a Central Asian country bordered by many countries. The country closed its borders and cancelled many flights in February to curb the spread of this condition. Many other steps have also been taken such as creating a special quarantine zone in Turkmenabat. This was done to check whether the passengers got any symptoms. This place is one of the safest places to visit for your next vacation.


Ever since the beginning of the pandemic, this country reported very few cases of COVID-19, and that too got recovered completely. A temporary ban on cruise ships and flights were imposed to prevent the spread of this condition. According to the latest update, travellers from only low to medium risk countries can visit this island.

Vatican City 

The beautiful Vatican City has been declared COVID free on June 6, 2020. Since then, there has been no reported case. The smallest country in the world, Vatican City is known for its astounding beauty. As it is a safe destination owing to less number of COVID cases, you can plan to visit this country for your future trip.

Solomon Islands

One of the least visited countries in the world, Solomon Islands is a beautiful country situated to the east of Papua New Guinea. Very few countries have access to this place including Australia, Papua New Guinea, and Vanuatu.


Fiji, an island country in Melanesia declared itself COVID-free by April 20, 2020. Several measures were taken in order to stop the spread of this condition. Flight bans were imposed and 15-day mandatory quarantine was done for visitors arriving in this country.

These were some of the safest countries that you can plan visiting, post-COVID world. For future flight bookings, look no further than Superfares. Our professional team will go the extra mile in grabbing cheap airfares based on your preferences.

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