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Does the thought of a long-haul flight make you nervous? No need to stress out. Prolonged journeys are not always to be dreaded, rather turn out to be your best experience if you are prepared well in advance. Read on to know some tips that can make your long-haul flight from Vancouver to Chennai comfortable.

Keep Yourself Occupied

A long-haul flight especially from Vancouver to India can cause anxiety for some. If this is the case, it is always better to engage yourself in some kind of activity, be it reading books, filling crosswords or playing mobile games. This will make your long journey enjoyable.

Use Headphones

If you suffer from motion sickness while travelling in a long-haul flight, soft music can help you provide relief. You can even use noise-cancellation headphones in the plane for better sound quality.  

Keep Medication

If you experience extreme nervousness in a long journey, do not forget to keep important medications in your carry-on. However, the medications you carry should be prescribed by your doctor.

Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine

Some people believe that alcohol can make you feel comfortable and solve all your trouble problems. But this is not true. Intake of alcohol can increase your heart rate and further increase your nervousness.  The same holds true with caffeine. That is why it is very important to be particular about your food choice.  

Carry a Travel Pillow

These days a plethora of neck pillows are available in the market.  Figure out which one works for you and carry it while travelling. It will definitely make your flying experience super comfortable.

Choose Your Seat Wisely

If you prefer being awake during the journey, go for an aisle seat. However, if you tend to sleep during the journey, a window seat can be a good option for you. Since the journey is quite long, you should choose the most convenient seat based on your preferences.

Long-haul flights can be quite exhausting. But with the help of these hacks, you can head towards a more relaxing flight experience! To book cheap flights from Vancouver to Chennai, look no further than Superfares. Our travel experts will understand your requirements and book a convenient flight for you to make your journey seamless!

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