Vande Bharat Mission Phase 6 Top Evacuation flights from Canada to India

Good news for the stranded Indians abroad!

The Ministry of External Affairs has announced that phase 6 of the Vande Bharat Mission will commence from September 1, 2020. This mission aims at evacuating Indians stranded in foreign nations. Flights are being rescheduled according to the demands of the travellers stuck in foreign countries. 

It has been observed that during phase 5 of the Vande Bharat Mission, around 900 international flights have been operated from 22 countries crossing 23 airports in India. Over 12 lakh Indians have been evacuated by different modes till August 26.

As per the latest schedule, India is going to operate around 56 flights from Canada to India. 33 Air India flights will operate from Toronto to Delhi between 1st September to 24th October, 2020, and the remaining 23 will operate from Vancouver to Delhi between 2nd September and 23rd October. Apart from that, there are various international flights i.e. 1009 flights being operated from various international countries.

Here is the flight schedule from Canada to India from 1st September to 25th October:

Flight NumberDate Departure Departure  TimeArrivalArrival Time
AI 018801-Sep-20Toronto 12:15Delhi 12:15
AI 018803-Sep-20Toronto 12:15Delhi12:15
AI 018802-Sep-20Toronto 12:15Delhi12:15
AI 018805-Sep-20Toronto 12:15Delhi12:15
AI 018806-Sep-20Toronto 12:15Delhi12:15
AI 018808-Sep-20Toronto 12:15Delhi12:15
AI 018809-Sep-20Toronto 12:15Delhi12:15
AI 018810-Sep-20Toronto 12:15Delhi12:15
AI 018812-Sep-20Toronto 12:15Delhi12:15
AI 018813-Sep-20Toronto 12:15Delhi12:15
AI 018815-Sep-20Toronto 12:15Delhi12:15
AI 018817-Sep-20Toronto 12:15Delhi12:15
AI 018819-Sep-20Toronto 12:15Delhi12:15
AI 018820-Sep-20Toronto 12:15Delhi12:15
AI 018822-Sep-20Toronto 12:15Delhi12:15
AI 018824-Sep-20Toronto 12:15Delhi12:15
AI 018826-Sep-20Toronto 12:15Delhi12:15
AI 018827-Sep-20Toronto 12:15Delhi12:15
AI 018829-Sep-20Toronto 12:15Delhi12:15
AI 018801-Oct-20Toronto 12:15Delhi12:15
AI 018803-Oct-20Toronto 12:15Delhi12:15
AI 018804-Oct-20Toronto 12:15Delhi12:15
AI 018806-Oct-20Toronto 12:15Delhi12:15
AI 018808-Oct-20Toronto 12:15Delhi12:15
AI 018810-Oct-20Toronto 12:15Delhi12:15
AI 018811-Oct-20Toronto 12:15Delhi12:15
AI 018813-Oct-20Toronto 12:15Delhi12:15
AI 018815-Oct-20Toronto 12:15Delhi12:15
AI 018817-Oct-20Toronto 12:15Delhi12:15
AI 018818-Oct-20Toronto 12:15Delhi12:15
AI 018820-Oct-20Toronto 12:15Delhi12:15
AI 018822-Oct-20Toronto 12:15Delhi12:15
AI 018824-Oct-20Toronto 12:15Delhi12:15

Vande Bharat Mission Phase 6: Vancouver to Delhi

Flight NoDateDepartureDeparture TimeArrivalArrival Time
AI 114402-Sep-20Vancouver10:15Delhi14:45
AI 114404-Sep-20Vancouver10:15Delhi14:45
AI 114406-Sep-20Vancouver10:15Delhi14:45
AI 114409-Sep-20Vancouver10:15Delhi14:45
AI 114411-Sep-20Vancouver10:15Delhi14:45
AI 114413-Sep-20Vancouver10:15Delhi14:45
AI 114416-Sep-20Vancouver10:15Delhi14:45
AI 114418-Sep-20Vancouver10:15Delhi14:45
AI 114420-Sep-20Vancouver10:15Delhi14:45
AI 114423-Sep-20Vancouver10:15Delhi14:45
AI 114425-Sep-20Vancouver10:15Delhi14:45
AI 114427-Sep-20Vancouver10:15Delhi14:45
AI 114430-Sep-20Vancouver10:15Delhi14:45
AI 114402-Oct-20Vancouver10:15Delhi14:45
AI 114404-Oct-20Vancouver10:15Delhi14:45
AI 114407-Oct-20Vancouver10:15Delhi14:45
AI 114409-Oct-20Vancouver10:15Delhi14:45
AI 114411-Oct-20Vancouver10:15Delhi14:45
AI 114414-Oct-20Vancouver10:15Delhi14:45
AI 114416-Oct-20Vancouver10:15Delhi14:45
AI 114418-Oct-20Vancouver10:15Delhi14:45
AI 114421-Oct-20Vancouver10:15Delhi14:45
AI 114423-Oct-20Vancouver10:15Delhi14:45

This was the schedule for the evacuation flights from Canada to India.

No matter evacuation flights are increasing, but still, your safety is in your own hands. Don’t forget to take all the necessary precautions while flying. Let’s take a look at some of them:

  • The foremost thing that you need to do is to wear a mask. Not all airports have made it mandatory to wear a mask, but you should wear one for your own safety.
  • Use disinfectant wipes to clean the area around you including the seatbelt, tray table, and armrest.
  • Sanitizer is the new normal these days. Wherever you go, keep your sanitizer handy.
  • Wash your hands frequently after touching any surface.
  • Wear comfortable full sleeve clothes for extra protection. You can even wear eye-glasses or goggles to protect your eyes.

These were some of the safety tips that you need to follow while flying. While we don’t say flying is completely safe, but following these tips is a must if you are planning to fly from Canada to India. To get your Canada to India flights booked at reduced airfares, get in touch with Superfares. We have a highly proficient team that will help you find budget-friendly deals and offers on flights. 

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