Difference Between Premium Economy and Economy Class

Whether you are a frequent flyer or flying for the first time, the myriad of seat choices can often turn out to be confusing for you. You must have heard the term premium economy and economy class, but do you know the actual difference between the two?  Read on to know more about the difference between the premium economy and economy class and book your flight tickets from Canada to Hyderabad accordingly.

What is Premium Economy?

If you are someone who gives priority to comfort, premium economy is the best option for you. It is a step above the economy class but less expensive than the business or first class. You’ll be treated as an elite and premium customer.

Important facts about Premium Economy

  • Premium Economy tickets are 65% cheaper than business class tickets
  • You’ll experience extra legroom and more comfortable seats than the economy class.
  • Another benefit is that you get extra perks such as an additional food menu and entertainment services.

Premium Economy Vs Economy

Here is a list of the differences between premium economy and economy:

  • Extra legroom
  • Wider seats
  • More inches of seat recline
  • Bigger entertainment screens
  • A large variety of food
  • More privacy
  • Fast-check in

What is the price difference between premium economy and economy?

The premium economy class is expensive than the economy class.  The exact difference cannot be determined because it varies from airline to airline. However, the price is approximately 30% higher than that of economy class. There are many factors which can help in determining the flight price:

  • Choice of Airlines
  • Day of booking
  • Time of booking
  • Choice of the airport
  • Destination

Is it better to choose premium economy over economy class?

Premium economy class is way better than economy class as it offers a number of perks. However, the question arises that, are you willing to pay more for these privileges? While choosing between premium economy and economy, you need to know your priorities and requirements.  If comfort is your priority, you can opt for a premium economy class. However, if budget is a constraint, you can choose economy class.

Can you get upgraded from Economy to Premium?

Yes, there is an option to get your economy class ticket upgraded to premium economy. However, this can only happen when you are lucky enough to reach the airport early as “first come first serve” applies here.

Air Canada, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, American Airlines are the best premium economy airlines that operate flights from Canada to Hyderabad. If you want to fly more comfortably, get your premium economy class tickets booked from Superfares. We can help to grab your flight tickets at the best price.

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