Know The Best Time to Book Flights From Canada to India

Whether you are planning to visit India for homecoming or jet-setting with friends, you will always want to be assured of paying the best price for your flight.  Since the cost of the flight varies significantly depending on your destination and travel dates, discovering the best time to book your flight tickets can help you to grab the best flight deal.

How Many Weeks in Advance Should You Book Flights From Canada to India?

If you want to secure cheap flights from Canada to India, book your air tickets at least 15 weeks ahead of your travel.  You are likely to witness increased airfares in case you plan to book a flight within two months of your travel.

Which Are The Best Months To Book Your Flight From Canada to India?

The best months to book flights from Canada to India are January to May and September to November.  It has been found that flights tend to be more expensive in December, so avoid booking around this time.

 Toronto to New Delhi

The best time to book flights to New Delhi from Toronto is around 18 weeks in advance. It has been found that flights booked during this time tend to be 20% cheaper than average price. September is the best month to book Toronto to New Delhi flight.

Vancouver to New Delhi

If you want to save big on flight tickets, book your flight from Vancouver to New Delhi at least 15-20 weeks in advance.  April to May is the best month to book your flight as you can get 3-15% cheaper flights than average.

Toronto to Mumbai

According to a research it has been found that booking your Toronto to Mumbai flight 15-19 weeks in advance can help you get 3-16% cheaper flights. January to May is the best period to book this flight.

 Toronto to Ahmedabad

Book your flight from Toronto to Ahmedabad 8-10 weeks in advance to get the best flight price about 9-13% less than the average price. The cheapest month to fly from Toronto to Ahmedabad is April.

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